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Homemaker Services – making everyday a little easier

Some days even the simplest tasks can be a challenge to us and here, at South Shore in Home Care, we understand. Old or young these simple everyday tasks of daily life can become a challenge when there is a medical condition, a disability or due to the aging process.

We know you love your home. It is where you have made (and are still making) a lifetime of memories. When the overwhelming feeling of helplessness and discouragement come, this place you love can feel like a burden... and that doesn't seem right. So let us help you make it all better.

Our services can include laundry, light house keeping, taking out the garbage, preparing meals for the week, preparing grocery lists, organizing closets, helping put up a tree for the holidays, help prepare for out of town company... it's another endless list.

We respect the hard work you have put into your home and want to help you to be continue to be comfortable and love where you live.