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Companion and Compassionate Care– adding a smile to a lonely day!

Days for some are often long and lonely, for various reasons. Maybe your loved one lives a distance or are busy with their daily lives or you hate to bother them, so you don't reach out.

South Shore in Home Care provides a companionship service where we will sit, have a personal engaging conversation, share a meal, play a game of cards or watch a movie with you. We can read a book aloud to you, take care of your pet, arrange coffee dates or outings with your friends, oversee home deliveries, be the liaison for a medical appointment... the list is really endless. Or we can just quietly sit, hold your hand (or not) and simply be with you.

Are you the primary caregiver? Do you feel guilty for leaving your loved one home while you run an errand or just need some space to re-energize? That’s where we can help!

We offer this service wherever you may call home- such as long term care facilities, hospitals, children's homes or elsewhere.