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About South Shore in Home Care

About Owner, Lori

Lori, the sole proprietor in South Shore in Home Care, has had the privilege to work in large hospitals and also small based community hospitals, both which have given her valuable experience in health care.

She has seen the stresses families face when a loved is told by a physician that they can no longer take care of themselves and are in need of care to remain living in their own environment. When the family lives at a distance with no resources to help them, the feeling of hopelessness and pain of the unknown can be overwhelming when knowing that their loved one still has their faculties but are just struggling with the daily aspects of living- such as medication reminders and meal preparation and will not reach out to family as they feel they are a burden.

The pain and anguish of watching a loved one be told they can no longer return home is a hurtful memory for Lori as well.

Her grandmother, a highly respected mentor in her life, had taken Lori's hand and squeezed it tight, looked with desperation into Lori's eyes and begged, "You’ll help me, right dear? Please let me stay at home.”

These are the words that still linger as a helpless feeling of fear that overcome Lori to this day. Overwhelmed with emotion Lori was lost in the moment of which direction to turn. Like many in the same type of situation she had no answers at that moment of desperation but thankfully had the resources to navigate. A stressful situation could have been made much easier if those resources were easily accessed.

South Shore in Home Care will help that navigate the process for you so you can spend time in other areas that matter, such as quality time, and have peace of mind for you or your loved one.

About Our Team

Our team is family oriented, in a small town approach, we listen and respect what you want to help achieve the solution of living the life you deserve.

Our team is bonded, as well as criminal record/vector sector completed and qualified.

South Shore in Home Care is a registered business and works closely with professionals in our community to educate ourselves so we maybe deliver the best possible service to you.

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